Setting up shop

Well folks! The time has come. The kind folks at Golden Palace Gaming have given me my space. I will be using this as Artifax’s new office space on YrGrid. YrGrid is pretty awesome as you can use BTC as world currency. Love this space. People are very friendly and they help folks out who’ve never used Bitcoin before as well as someone who has and would like to have land.

Creatives are needed in this space. I myself will be attempting to make a breed of anmials to sell. I like the fact that creation has no fee set as of yet and that creators are encouraged to come over. We need clothes makers, builders, scripters, etc. to come have a space in YrGrid. Bitcoin, digital currencies and the blockchain technologies behind them will be the future of money. If we people can come to an agreement that it is a far superior method to all other currencies; we will become free.

Bitcoin is freedom from those that told you that you can’t make it on your own without them. Therefore it is a perfect medium for a digital world. YrGrid grasps ahold of the opportunity to build something truly beautiful enough to combat the bad mythos surrounding digital currencies.

We must embrace the future of our economic freedoms and take back one of the main sources of discomfort on this realm of existance. We must take back control of our own economic liberties. We can, in worlds like this, experience a freedom from the everyday while still maybe trying to carry on another everyday in a different way. People grow and thrive on grids such as YrGrid and Second Life. Some people have only this method for meeting friends and making new aquiantances. Creatives make a grid. YrGrid is calling creators. Places such as Golden Palace have opened their land to those who want to build, fill and create a world.

We’ll give you the landmark soon so, if you like, go grab a copy of the YrGrid Viewer and we’ll update you soon. You can also use your favorite OpenSim viewer such as Firestorm. We’re going to keep playing great music and when the offices are finished; we’ll have an inworld merch store as well to get Artifax shirts, pants and other items.

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