Our location in YrGrid at Golden Palace Gaming!

Hello again folks!! We’re proud to announce that we are now set up in YrGrid. The manager has asked if I would like the other half of the building. I would like to really invite another creative, someone who is a builder or maybe a scripter, to come share space with me. If you out there in the Artifax Radio listening area are one of these sorts of people or know someone who is, no matter what grid, please get a hold of me and let’s talk about YrGrid and a place for your creations.

If you need guidance on Bitcoin then we have knowledgable people in our chat on the website that can help out. Sometimes we have Portsmouth Crypto’s own Matt Baldock in there doing give aways. Always fun. 🙂

We love being accepted on two grids! Makes us feel like we’re going to have a big audience lol. We hope you love listening while you play in your grid of choice or just through your everyday life.

You can find us on YrGrid at Golden Palace Gaming. They were so gracious to let us have a plot. We’ll be doing quite a few tgins while we’re here. If you have a login for YrGrid through YrGrid Viewer or any other such as Firestorm then you can find us at hop://login.yrgrid.com:8002/Golden%20Palace%202/220/218/24

We’ll be there waiting for you with bells on!! LOL. No, seriously, we are enjoying it here so far. We’ve got a nice lounge where you can sit and listen to music while you read or you can watch our big screen and check out  your favorite YouTubers.

We also have a lottery that’s weekly. It’s a grid-wide raffle so everybody is doing it. Picks are once a week. We have ‘Gold Digger’ machines if you want a little fun as well. We plan on making things as enjoyable as possible because we want people to feel at ease coming here.

We’ve also been working on an Artifax Radio Listeners HUD. You can now take us with you all over Second Life and YrGrid. The HUDs are worn and then you have your playback screen where you can listen to Artifax Radio no matter where you’re at in Second Life or YrGrid. We have had some feedback from one Linux Alchemy Viewer user that they could see it playing but couldn’t hear it. We came to the conclusion that it is an OS issue. If someone knows of a fix for people on Linux viewers then please send it over and we can post it 🙂 Thanks!

We’re very excited to offer this HUD because it gives us the opportunity to bring joyous music to people’s lives. We believe music is a healing instrument. We also just love jammin to good tunes while we work or play.

This also gives us a chance to interact with our listeners on both grids and lets us do things like raffles and contests. We want to be your real life virtual grid solution for music and good times.

Just another reminder about the YrGrid creative space. I will ask that if you’re a creative such as a cothes maker, builder or scripter then we implore you to come over to YrGrid and share your creations in a nurturing environment. Use our contact tab on the website here to get a hold of us. Or, if you’re inworld on Second Life or YrGrid, you can contact either Elohim Galorien (SL) or Lothendriel Galorien (YG) to ask questions and get your HUD. Hope to talk with a few of you soon! Peace 🙂

Check out the video below on how the HUD looks/works

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