New site features!

Well, we’ve been hard at work here trying to make this site user friendly and cozy. We’ve added social logins and BuddyPress so that we can have a nice community here. We’ve also added to our forum section and we’re trying to get discussion going on in there. The hottest section right now seems to be our Forum role-playing section. One of our members, @kyokiwolfmoon , is an avid Roman role-playing junkie. She loves to enact characters from Roman history. She has a really good time at it. If that’s your thing then check that out.

We also, as always, have great music playing for our fans in Second Life and here on the site. DJ @ivymalynmerwen continuously plays great music from 10AM-4PM EST. After she leaves us then it’s a great mix of 60s, 70, 80s and 90s for your listening pleasure.

Our resident fun guy, @listmi , keeps you company in Radio Chat Monday-Friday. He’s a native of Spain and has a great sense of humor. He’s also one of our resident Bitcoin enthusiasts. We do provide a mix of music, virtual worlds and Bitcoin news here and he is well versed in the BTC field.

Now with the site improvements you can join by creating an actual Artifax Radio account or login using any of your favorite social network logins. We welcome you to come in and relax and have a bit of fun with us. If you have any questions or suggestions then please use our feedback tab on the side of the site to send us a message.

We wish you well for now and we’ll be posting again soon! Be blessed!

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