Second Life In-world Registration

As part of our efforts to make our website a great place to be; we’ve added in-world registration kiosks for our website community. If you’d like to join under your avatar name; now you can do it.

Since we added the forums, chat and community profile pages; we wanted to find a way to make it easy for Second Lifers to join up and become part of the family. We love to have fun here and we think filling chat with good people and the forums with good discussion; we could make this a really awesome place to be.

You can visit both of our locations in Second Life and touch our kiosks to register on the site. The locations are:

Arcata – Artifax Radio Main Office

Fish Hunt Business Park – Artifax Radio Satellite Office

Each of our offices have the kiosk and also other fun things for you to get into. We’ve got a weekly L$100 Raffle for members only (I feel we need jackets for this as well LOL). Anyway, it’s a good time. We have HUDs for free. You can grab one from our vendors which will let you play Artifax Radio anywhere in Second Life. The HUD uses a media player screen so you must have that capability. It’s nice! Like carrying around your own jukebox.

We also offer a Virtual Fishing fishing buoy and Lindo terminal so you can get water for your Lindo flower. We really try to make it a fun experience. We’ll also be coming out with some apparel possibly so keep an eye out for those vendors in the future.

Well that was a brief explanation of what’s been going on. Come on by and give us a look! Be blessed 🙂

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