Bitcoin Crypto Faucet Players Club

Bitcoin Crypto Faucet Players Club

Are you a crypto faucet player? We’re avid bitcoin crypto faucet players. Also, we love visitors to the website. Because of this, the Artifax DOGE Faucet is here for you. It’s our way giving back to you, the community.

We’re also on the lookout for more players to add to our team. What we’re looking for are people who have a passion for crypto. What we have planned is to group avid faucet players together to form an earning team.

You can find our forum discussion about the faucet players club idea in our Artifax Radio Forum. I have posted what we’re thinking about doing as far as gathering a group together who can really dedicate the time to be faucet champions.

We play on sites like Cointiply,,, and BonusBitcoin. We will recruit a group of Bitcoin Crypto Faucet players to play on these sites and other sites like them using Artifax Radio’s referral links.


Cointiply makes faucet playing fun. Games, Faucet, and more.

FreeBticoin has been around forever and they just keep growing!


BonusBitcoin is also a long time contender in the faucet world.

BCFPT – Bitcoin Crypto Faucet Players Token

When we amass a group of players our admins will create a token on the Tron Network. Money made from referral links from player activity will be used to create a supernode in our Tron wallet. We will freeze the Tron we acquire from the player earnings we get from your referral activity in this wallet and then use it to vote for other supernodes.

When we vote we will get tokens from these supernodes that we will use to trade for more Tron. This, after time, will be used to pay players through the BCFPT. Tron will be dispersed to the token holders in an even split.

So, basically, earnings Artifax acquires through the team’s activity will be invested to acquire more earnings to disperse to the team. We will also invest in cloud mining with earnings to maximize the earning potential. Other revenue streams will be brought into focus over time as well.

Win with Artifax as a BCFP member!

Eventually we all will do very well as we’ll be working together towards a common goal. Please visit our forum, create an account, and get in on the discussion. We’re waiting for you!