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  • Firestorm Update (
    Today the Firestorm team announced a brand new version ( of the well known Firestorm Viewer. This latest version is fully merged up to the 6.2.3 Linden code-base. See the full release notes here. There are many new features including the EAM (Estate Access Management) tools, LMR (Love Me Render)… Read more »
  • Hot Air Balloon views of the new opened area on Bellisseria continent
    Mr bunny jumped into a huge hot air balloon last week and decided to travel along the new water ways of the recently opened area on the Bellisseria continent. Starting in Welby Corner Mr bunny went down the SSPE200 – SSPE203 waterway over to the coastline far east then went… Read more »
  • Linden Lab disables Auto Refresh for Linden Homes
    The land selection pageWithin the past hour Patch Linden has posted a new update on the Linden Homes section on the Second Life Forums saying that for all those continuously refreshing to get a new Linden home you will now start seeing an error page. The land section page is… Read more »
  • New theme announced for 2020 Relay For Life of Second Life
    On Monday 8th July the new theme was officially announced for the 2020 Relay For Life of Second Life season. With 70% of the vote (166 votes) here it is… GAME ON, CANCER! The Cure Starts Here! The 2019 Relay For Life of Second Life season was amazing with $238,900… Read more »
  • All stats up this month on OpenSim grids
    All the stats were up this month on OpenSim’s public grids, including land area, registered users, and active users. Land area was up by 49 standard region equivalents, to 83,516. OpenSim grids also registered 6,649 new users this month, for a new total of 421,087 registered users. The number of… Read more »
  • Discovery, Tranquility, and Littlefield partying on 4th of July
    Patriotic Americans — or anyone, really, who’s looking for a party — will find plenty to do on OpenSim grids this week. Begin your day out on Discovery Grid, where the party starts at 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time at Events 2. Then head over to Tranquility Grid, where the… Read more »
  • Why virtual world content creators should look beyond Second Life and OpenSim
    Greedy Greedy in Second Life. (Image courtesy Joshua “Karsten Rutledge” May.) I’ve been creating virtual world content since 2005, selling games like Greedy Greedy primarily in Second Life. I plan to stay in Second Life and continue supporting my games and developing new products there until the lights go out.… Read more »
  • How to use PayPal for in-world payments
    PayPal payment terminal on Matrix Grid. (Image courtesy Matrix Grid.) One of the first questions every new grid owner must answer is whether to have in-world payment, so that users can buy stuff, or pay for services, or donate money while they’re on the grid. The easiest answer is “no.”… Read more »
  • France’s NewImages festival features VR films and interactive experiences
    Still from the French premiere of film “Pneumo Hacker” by Taiwan’s Poké Poké Creative & Redbit Pictures and the Innolux Education Foundation. (Image courtesy NewImages Festival.) If you are a resident of Paris or visiting this week, check out the NewImages Festival. For five days, the “City of Lights” will… Read more »
  • Do you want to be a beta reader?
    Do you like reading science fiction and telling authors what’s wrong with their books? I need you! The draft of my second story in my Krim series is done and I’m certain that it’s full of plot holes and incomprehensive motivations and other problems that I’m just not seeing because… Read more »
  • OpenSim regions up, user stats down due to reporting issues, database problems
    Active users were down this month on OpenSim’s public grids by 1,872 users, but regions were up by the equivalent of 1,521 standard regions. OpenSim is a popular platform for educators, so traffic is routinely expected to drop during the summer months. However, most of the drop this month was… Read more »
  • 92 Miles Grid
    $5 per month for a 20,000-prim standard-sized region on the hypergrid-enabled 92 Miles Grid. Other region sizes also available: Two-by-two 30,000 prim varregion: $7 per month Three-by-three 35,000 prim varregion: $10 per month Four-by-four 45,000 prim varregion: $15 per month There is also a 10,000-prim starter region for $3 a… Read more »
  • Where to host your next OpenSim grid
    A private virtual grid on Kitely. If you, like me, are looking to launch a little OpenSim grid of your own — or even a big commercial grid — but you don’t want to mess with all the details of setting up and configuring servers, installing and patching the software,… Read more »
  • Trying out Kitely’s virtual private grids
    Kitely rolled out its virtual private grid service at the beginning of the year. Today, I finally decided to try it out. The bottom line? It looks like a good option for schools, non-profits and companies that need a way to handle lots of different users and regions, and need… Read more »