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  • Kitely stays the course as High Fidelity pivots away from consumer VR
    One of the shops at High Fidelity’s Avatar Island. (Image courtesy High Fidelity.) Citing a lack of users and decent hardware, High Fidelity has decided to pivot away from the consumer market to focus on serving enterprises and laid off a quarter of its staff this month. “Daily headset use… Read more »
  • Do you offer OpenSim hosting?
    Here I am at my desk in my old virtual office. I miss having my own OpenSim place. I didn’t use it much when I had it, but now that it’s gone, I want it back. So, of course, since I don’t want to have to keep a computer up… Read more »
  • Facebook, Twitter, MeWe most popular social platforms for OpenSim grids
    Update: For a full list of grids’ social media links, calendars, and forums, please see our Active OpenSim Grids List. Google Plus used to be a favorite place for grids and event organizers and residents to post announcements and discuss topics of interest to the community. Now that’s gone, it’s… Read more »
  • Tag takes the closed grid lead with new marketplace
    Sailing on Tag Grid. (Image courtesy Tag Grid.) Closed grids — where users can’t teleport over to other grids — have been losing ground in OpenSim lately and suffered a big hit last year with the closing of InWorldz. But some people prefer closed grids, where grid owners have more… Read more »
  • OpenSim stats update
    OpenSim has suffered a number of shocks in the past year, with several significant grid closings in a row. OpenSim’s largest closed grid, InWorldz, shut down last summer. Its successor, Islandz, closed earlier this year. Virtual Highway shut down in December. We lost both Lost Paradise and its owner this… Read more »
  • AviWorlds turns off hypergrid access June 1
    (Image courtesy AviWorlds.) In its ongoing quest to find a sustainable business model, the commercial AviWorlds grid is giving the no-hypergrid approach another go. “AviWorlds needs to be a private community now,” grid owner Alexsandro Pomposelli told Hypergrid Business. “Avi-Labs needs to create value and also a distinguishing characteristic from all… Read more »
  • Kitely Market passes 30,000 item milestone
    (Data courtesy Kitely.) The Kitely Market, OpenSim’s largest commercial content marketplace, has passed the 30,000 item milestone this month. The market currently delivers to 345 different grids, both hypergrid-enabled and closed, private grids. (Instructions for how to configure the Kitely Market for closed grids are here.) Ilan Tochner According to… Read more »
  • Deep learning in autism treatment blurs line between machine and human
    (Image via Pixabay.) Being someone with autism, I always found myself being drawn to the logic-oriented characters of science fiction movies, such as Star Wars’ C-3PO, Sonny from I, Robot, or Baymax from Big Hero 6. They tend to be extremely knowledgeable about certain subjects, but also struggle to understand… Read more »
  • Celebrate Earth Day at this extended reality festival
    If you haven’t done enough this week to honor our planet you can get some belated Earth Day action this weekend at the annual EarthX conference in Dallas, Texas — and, if you can’t get there in person, streaming online and on its YouTube channel. The event, which is taking place on… Read more »
  • Climb Mt. Everest in virtual reality
    If climbing Mount Everest in real life is too expensive or dangerous, but you still want to find out what it’s like, virtual reality may have the answer. EverestVR is an immersive experience for the Vive and Oculus Rift headsets, available on the Vive Infinity platform. Set amongst the world’s tallest… Read more »
  • Are Your Drinking Too Much Alcohol?
    Do you know if you’re drinking too much alcohol? Surprisingly, most people are shocked when they start to count up how much alcohol they have consumed over a month. It’s not about the number of beverages you drink, but how they are measured in terms of alcohol content. Here in… Read more »
  • A Guide to Understanding Money Laundering and Ways to Counter It
    Crime has no limits. A criminal knows no boundaries; a cunning and devious plan is what a mastermind creates before the execution of a crime. Regardless of how ill their intentions are, criminals today are getting way more skillful and much more evil than their predecessors.  The wit and wile… Read more »
  • Special Announcement from Petra's
    Oh, how we love Tuesdays and Fridays at PETRA's!  After the weekend, all of us here are excited to hear our club buzzing with the sounds of great live music and singing, and let's not forget the laughter and humor of our guests.We do have some more exciting news for… Read more »
    It is Sunday May 26th that the  LOOK of the YEAR judges will select the first group of 10 semi-finalists and a lot of women already submitted their picture but the men are a lot less numerous... Where are the men of style? Are they shy?Remember: LUXE Paris Women's Fashion… Read more »
    I recently had the very real pleasure of visiting Skyhill Island, home of the Sapphire Beach Club.  Newly arrived on the SL Grid, Skyhill is the brainchild of Claudine Jewell and her business partner , John Sinclair. Together with Live Talent Manager, Amber LeFavre, they have built a region uniquely… Read more »
  • GeekSpeak – will China rule the world 10 years from now? Join the discussion May 18th at 12pm SLT
    Let’s talk about China. Where is it going?  Will it be taking the lead in technology in a few years’ time?  How will world trade change when China completes its new network of land and sea trade routes (the belt and road initiative).  Will other countries become more like China… Read more »
  • Sapphire Beach Club Opens to the Public!
    On April 13, 2019 Sapphire Beach Club opened to the public. Located on Skyhill; a Full Region Sim. The Venue is outdoors with no solid roof and has direct access to the Beach and its surrounding.  Lined with palm trees and a beautiful Waterfront View. There is a Dancefloor and a Pool… Read more »
  • The Best Marijuana Strains That You Can Take to Relieve Back Pain
    Back pain is extremely common nowadays. Although prescription drugs are available for treating back pain, you may need to increase your dose over time in case you’re dealing with severe pain. In fact, if your symptoms don’t improve with time, your doctor may even ask you to change your medication.… Read more »
  • The Spring Full Perm Fair- May 3rd to May 19th 2019
    40 TOP Creators-BIG Selection-ALL Categories-Discounts-FREE GiftsThe Spring Full Perm Fair features 40 top full permissions creators selling fashions-Furniture-textures and building components, templates,and sounds.ALL categories. Many full perm creators will be selling NEW Releases ,Fair Exclusives,with BIG Discounts. SHOP COMPARE $AVE at the biggest full perm event in SL now in it's… Read more »
  • LUXE Paris, LUXE Dot Be & AIM Presents LOOK of the YEAR 2019 Style Contest
    First Prize Women: L$50 000First Prize Men: L$50 000Are you a woman or a man of style? Well show it to us because we are looking for two ambassadors, a woman and a man, who will become the LOOKS of the YEAR of LUXE Paris and LUXE Dot Be and … Read more »