Virtual World News

  • VR startup lets users walk in others’ shoes
    This Friday, New York City-based multimedia startup Walk In My Shoes Media is launching a VR platform that uses immersive storytelling to make a social impact and promote inclusivity. Company employees, or members of academic communities, will be able to experience the consequences of prejudices first-hand. Tyler Huyser The idea… Read more »
  • Study finds VR to be a effective teaching tool for nurses
    The  VR Airway Lab training application for medical professionals was recently put to the test in a study that found VR simulation to be on par, if not better than expected, when compared to a traditional teaching lab environment. (Image courtesy Arch Virtual.) Key Findings Faculty that took the VR training overwhelmingly… Read more »
  • Lost Paradise founder succumbs to cancer
    ,A region on Lost Paradise grid. John Skakandy, known to OpenSim users as Cloneu Inglewood, died of cancer last month in Florida. Skakandy was the owner of the Lost Paradise grid, which he founded in 2011. The grid received the top rankings in our 2012 reader survey, with perfect scores for… Read more »
  • OpenSimFest begins tomorrow
    (Image courtesy OpenSim Fest.) The first annual OpenSim Fest officially opens its doors tomorrow, with musical performances tomorrow and this weekend, then a showcase of exhibits from 45 different grids in the OpenSim community running through April 6. This is an event to give exposure to our fellow OpenSim neighbors… Read more »
  • Vida Dupla
    US $12 (R$50) for a 25,000-prim region on the hypergrid-enabled, Portuguese-language Vida Dupla grid. Read more »
  • VR poses challenges for software testing
    You know the scene. You’re walking down the street in a town, maybe your hometown, on a quiet Tuesday afternoon. The sun is shining, people are sitting outside a coffee shop chatting and browsing, and you can hear birds chirping and the drone of distant traffic. You turn the corner… Read more »
  • Second Life Pic of the Day 03.20.2019
    Today's Second Life pic of the day is "Spring Adds New Life And New Beauty To All That Is ." by Pretty Rexen. To submit your image for Second Life Pic of the Day consideration, login to Second Life, snap some pics and add them to the Official Second Life… Read more »
  • Second Life Destinations: InSilico
    Role-playing is one of the many ways in which Residents choose to spend their time in Second Life. From supernatural fairy tales to gothic vampires and medieval battles, there are long-standing communities and Regions built around elaborate and rich lores. It is possible to visit any of our over 200… Read more »
  • Love Made in SL: Meet Calisto and Talon
    Age ain’t nothing but a number for Calisto and Talon Whitewolf, a U.S.-based couple that met about eight years ago in Second Life. While Calisto may be about a decade older than her long-time partner, but the virtual world proved to be the perfect platform to bridge the age gap… Read more »
  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Second Life!
    Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your friends at one of the many Irish-themed pubs and events inworld this weekend. Start your journey by grabbing a pint at the legendary Irish pub The Blarney Stone - a Second Life institution that has been around in the Dublin Region for well over… Read more »
  • Announcing “SL16B” - Second Life’s Sweet Sixteen!
    It feels like we just packed away all that crystal magic from our 15th anniversary celebration, but our sweet sixteen is just around the corner! This summer, we’re throwing a huge celebration to commemorate 16 years with this incredible community and we wanted to fill you in on just a… Read more »
  • Second Life Destinations: Skin Fair
    Looking to update your avatar? The annual Skin Fair event, held by Pale Girl Productions and LAQ, offers the perfect opportunity to shop for the latest skins, mesh body parts and accessories from about 200 content creators. This week’s Destinations video gives a quick peek at the event, which ends… Read more »